SG016-Bill-&-Betty-Bricks-(Head up in the clouds and feet on the ground?

The sky is the limit! Use logic skills to build 60 towers with wooden blocks.

Build your way up with the wooden blocks, but make sure your builders always keep their feet on the building so they can supervise the work. You have finished the challenge when the building is completed and your little builder stands on top of it.

Challenging for the whole family! Develops spatial perception as well as your fine motor skills.

Contents: 10 colorful wooden blocks, 2 playing figurines/game pieces, 60 challenges

Watch a demo below..

Citiblocs have LANDED!

These blocs are simply fantastic, made from NZ Pine, encouranging  teamwork, cooperative learning, inclusion, social skills, leadership, self esteem, mentoring, empathy, in both older and younger children.

Best of all Citiblocs enables opportunities for applied learning and problem solving in patterns, geometry, symmetry, design, architecture, art, history; calling on focus, concentration, attention, hand to eye coordination, not to mention creativity, imagination, innovation and invention.  Group activities or individual projects, presentations, Citiblocs is an invaluable tool which reinforces both group and individual skills in an environment of broad based learning.

Just received in time for Learning At Schools, – Smart’s new 2010 Logical Thinking, problem solving, games. These will test even the most demanding student. Five new games that take problem solving to a new dimension. I’ll have them for everyone to play with at Learning at Schools 2010 stand #38, along with a good supply of Hersey Kisses!

Sneak a preview of these new games at www.smart.eu.


A bag of bubber , cardboard, scissors and crayons, add to the mix a class of very enthusiastic  year ones with great imagination  and you are rewarded with their very first animation clip.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Y93liKHLE

They are very proud of their first animation effort.

Well done Melissa from Westmere Primary.  Look forward to seeing more.


Remember building blocks, the many different ways you would build your towers, buildings, bridges, – well Citiblocs made out of New Zealand pine, and perfectly cut is the new modern version of the old building blocks.

What can you build with 25, 50, 100, 200, 1000 blocks?

This product is challenging, exciting and fun for all ages expecially 3 – 12. Ideal classoom tool enabling vast possibilities for curriculum applications and social process.


Lots of of people are asking about Bubber and love playing with it, but don’t know how to use it in the classroom.

Three quick ideas for Bubber

  1. Use it in maths to create and reinforce geometry concepts
  2. Create models for retelling a story
  3. Reinforce letter and number recognition in a fun way

People ask me regularly – “how do you sanitise Bubber?” What you need to do is roll the Bubber out into a pancake, then lightly mist with a sanitiser such as Enviro Clean.  Let the Bubber dry completely before gathering up into a ball again.  Just a few things to note – do not use alcohol, do not cook in the oven, and when placing in water, make sure the Bubber is completely dry before using again.