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These blocs are simply fantastic, made from NZ Pine, encouranging  teamwork, cooperative learning, inclusion, social skills, leadership, self esteem, mentoring, empathy, in both older and younger children.

Best of all Citiblocs enables opportunities for applied learning and problem solving in patterns, geometry, symmetry, design, architecture, art, history; calling on focus, concentration, attention, hand to eye coordination, not to mention creativity, imagination, innovation and invention.  Group activities or individual projects, presentations, Citiblocs is an invaluable tool which reinforces both group and individual skills in an environment of broad based learning.

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Remember building blocks, the many different ways you would build your towers, buildings, bridges, – well Citiblocs made out of New Zealand pine, and perfectly cut is the new modern version of the old building blocks.

What can you build with 25, 50, 100, 200, 1000 blocks?

This product is challenging, exciting and fun for all ages expecially 3 – 12. Ideal classoom tool enabling vast possibilities for curriculum applications and social process.

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